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Novagard Solutions

Some of the most popular types of screen printed gaskets are engine cylinder head gaskets. In this process strategically positioned elastomeric beading is applied to stamped or die cut substrate material in thicknesses ranging from 10 um up to 300 um. Specific design of the beading is dependent upon the application.

Ultra-Violet Systems

  • Exceptionally fast UV cure; Room temperature curing
  • Minimal UV energy requirements
  • Little or no heat generated during cure so parts and substrates remain cool
  • Process or package a part immediately; No racking
  • Adhesion to most common substrates
  • No oxygen inhibition ; No corrosive by-products
  • Extremely flexible, high elasticity, superior elongation
  • Solvent Free / 100% solids – no VOC’s to handle or report
  • Translucent and/or pigmented formulations