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Pin Connector Potting using UV Cure Silicone and UV Dual Cure Silicone

For long-term durability and extend product life-cycles consider using NOVAGARD® Silicones UV cured potting compounds to improve and maintain leak prevention and corrosion resistance in pin connector assemblies subjected to harsh environments. Under-hood and under-body automotive connectors are potentially exposed to extreme conditions including, salt-spray, elevated temperatures and a variety of automotive chemicals. Even some industrial pin connector assemblies in non-automotive applications may endure severe environmental extremes. UV-cured silicone potting compounds from NOVAGARD® Silicones out-perform competitive brands in adhesion and durability.









Ultra-Violet Systems

  • Exceptionally fast UV cure ; Room temperature curing
  • Minimal UV energy requirements; Little or no heat generated so parts remain cool
  • Process or package a part immediately; No racking
  • Cure up to 5/8” (16 mm) of material 10 times faster than other well known brands
  • No oxygen inhibition ; No corrosive by-products
  • Excellent dielectric properties

UV/Moisture Dual Cure

  • Cures upon exposure to either a UV light source or atmospheric moisture
  • Dual cure continues to build strength and adhesion after the initial UV cure cycle
  • Moisture cure eliminates shadow effects on complex parts
  • Neutral, non-corrosive secondary cure system will not harm sensitive components
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Solvent Free / 100% solids – no VOC’s to handle or report